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Halloween: an easy and trendy DIY idea for a party… to be scared! - 20 October 2017

Sweets, disguises, horror stories and decorations make Halloween night one of the most loved children's celebrations, but also an opportunity to get in touch with fantasy and handicrafts!

A simple idea to realize for Halloween is the “party stick”, cardboard masks applied to a wooden stick, which for some time have become one of the coolest themed party accessories!

What you need:

- pencil

- cardboard or colored felt

- safety scissors

- vinavyl glue

- wooden sticks (they are good for the skewers!)


Take the cardboard (or felt), choose the subjects that will become your masks: a pumpkin, a witch hat, funny bat-shaped glasses, a cat's muzzle, a skull or even the balloons with the typical expression"trick or treat?".

Draw with the pencil the silhouettes on the material you chose, don’t worry the drawings are pretty stylized;)

Take references for the position of the eyes and, if necessary, of the mouth in the case of real masks (glasses, pumpkin, skull), do a sketch and put it in front of the children's face to see if they match, otherwise correct the drawing: after finishing cut out the shape with the scissors and then the internal parts like the holes for the eyes etc. with a cutter (this part of the work should only be done by adults!)

Now you just have to apply the masks to the wooden stick: glue a side of the mask at the end of the stick with a very little glue and the game is done!

If you don’t have a scheduled party don’t worry: party stick are adaptable and easy to take with you, maybe at school during the palytime, or you can simply place them around the house as decorations!